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Sterling Electric

Sterling Electric, Inc.'s primary business is the production of AC Induction Motors, Worm Gear (Right Angle) and Helical (Inline) Reducers and Gearmotors.

Sterling Electric leads the way in the production of a complete line of Stainless Steel Motors ranging from 1/4 to 20 Horsepower. Stainless Steel Worm Gear Reducers ranging from Sub-fractional input ratings to 5 Horsepower, in both Single and Double Reductions 5:1 through 3600:1 Ratios. Stainless Steel Helical Reducers ranging from 1/4 to 10 Horsepower Input, and their newest product design of Helical Worm Reducers that directly interchange with many European design products.

Sterling Electric Inc.'s mission is to provide quality industrial motors and related equipment with reliable delivery and unrivaled service.

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